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I am Fernando José.


Well actually I am Fernando Hierro, but my director title is Fernando José because I want people to be able to pronounce my name. That's the entire significance.  I was born in Dominican Republic and have lived in the South Bronx since I was three years old. I naturally gravitated toward cinema as a child because of its dense amount of wondrous stories and characters. City of God by Fernando Meirelles, another Fernando, is a Brazilian crime drama that is grand in narrative and unequivocally Afro Latino. The film captured my imagination and was the impetus of my obsession with the art of cinema and the potential of it. The current state of film leaves much to be desired in terms of representation because I feel as though there is not enough work by Black and Latino filmmakers reaching the limelight. Furthermore, the overabundance of superhero movies and sequels has diluted the emotional depth of what is mainstream, and how the human experience can be displayed. My Cinema Studies major at NYU has honed my love for film and given me the freedom to create my own projects.


My most recent short film, Dreams, was filmed while studying abroad in Italy and completed after traveling to many other countries.  I would describe it as a spiritual documentary based on my life story and core philosophical principles. I believe that film is a powerful medium that can help shape the future if used properly, and I want to use it to inspire others to strive for greatness, growth, love, and faith. 

My next project is a feature film that builds on top of Dreams. Those are the only details I will announce at the moment. Ciao!

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